Soaper 5

Soaper 5

Bringing to life Ministry of Education’s band of young superheroes, Soaper 5, who would guide our students in keeping themselves and their friends safe and healthy.

The Soaper 5 champion responsible behaviour that all can adopt – hand-washing, wearing a mask, not touching your face, wiping down surfaces and seeing a doctor when sick. During the Circuit Breaker, they also reminded their friends to stay home and learn safely!

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ITE 2019

ITE 2019

A short video that explains the financial assistance schemes offered by ITE. May, an ITE student, struggles to balance school with work and CCA. Din introduces the scheme to her.

Waves of Time

Waves of Time (Singapore Night Festival)

Waves of Time is an animated projection mapping created in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival 2019. It was displayed on the historic CHIJMES chapel for visitors to enjoy the show.

We were inspired by Singapore’s local legend of a Prince who landed on our sunny island from the seas. Come along as he chases his dream around the island and rediscover the cultural history of Singapore!

Watch the full video here on our YouTube!

Happy Hailey

Buying a new car can be exciting, but dozens of hidden costs make it a daunting prospect. But this video shows you how Wearnes Leasing can help you deal with these costs, and let you enjoy your car all the more! Commissioned by Wearnes Leasing.

Project 1095

In this video for the Singapore Institute for Management, students learn the importance of planning for their careers early, before their graduation day. With the help of SIM’s career coaches, students can feel safe when going for interviews, with the skills and resumes they have compiled.

Sentosa WAVE

This video was produced for Sentosa as a corporate video, showing their frontline service staff the right procedures and behaviour to show to guests at the resort with two characters, Max and Monggu. Besides the guidelines, Sentosa Wave teaches staffers that service is not a competition.

Reading Instructions

A series of videos commissioned for the Ministry of Education meant to teach children how to improve their reading and enunciation, including karaoke segments where children can speak along with the video. A second series of videos has just been completed.

How To Train Your Kidney

How To Train Your Kidney was commissioned by the National Kidney Foundation to teach children the importance of protecting your kidneys. With rhyming verses and comedic twists to butter the message, children are sure to be entertained and educated.

Internet and Cloud Technologies

As the world goes more and more digital, it is important that our children be able to keep up with progress as well. This series of videos for the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore teaches children about the various new technologies that are entering our lives and how to best use them.

HDB Life

HDB Life is a series of videos commissioned by HDB, intending to teach people the values of being a good neighbour, like being tolerant, patient, and considerate of one another. Though comedic skits and wholesome nostalgia, it hopes to speak to the heart, and show people that there is more to life around the void deck.