Car Registration and Renewal

Requested by the LTA as an introduction for video owners to renewing their COE or scrapping their vehicle. With bright colours and easy steps, any commuter will learn how to manage their COE status long before it expires, for maximum gain!

Project M.A.C.E Chibi

MACE Chibi is the gag series companion of Operation MACE, telling the simpler and more comedic adventures of Task Force MACE in combating the alien menace. With hijinks and gags galore, learn the ways of mosquito prevention with much lighter stories.

Musical Instruments of India

Made for the Arts Department of the Ministry of Education, this short strives to teach students about the many different kinds of musical instruments in Singapore. Upper Primary students are sure to learn about the different Indian instruments, from the Sitar to the Ghatam.

Stoneboy The Chase

Produced as part of the Heartland Gag Show, this Stoneboy short features Stanley and Stoneboy as they try to stop a robber from escaping. Between Stoneboy’s naive innocence and Stanley’s egotistical pride, it quickly compounds into a comedy of errors in the Stone Age!