NKF 2019

NKF 2019

Rhyme your way to kidney health with NKF! A fun interactive game, that encourages you to keep Pinkle and Punch strong through healthy habit.

Water Safety

Water Safety

Water Safety is an interactive, e-learning module in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE) on raising awareness in basic water safety for Upper Primary School students.

It’s hosted on the MOE’s Student Learning Space (SLS). This is the second module which focusses on Swimming in open water.

Soaper 5

Soaper 5

Bringing to life Ministry of Education’s band of young superheroes, Soaper 5, who would guide our students in keeping themselves and their friends safe and healthy.

The Soaper 5 champion responsible behaviour that all can adopt – hand-washing, wearing a mask, not touching your face, wiping down surfaces and seeing a doctor when sick. During the Circuit Breaker, they also reminded their friends to stay home and learn safely!

Click here to to watch the final videos!

ITE 2019

ITE 2019

A short video that explains the financial assistance schemes offered by ITE. May, an ITE student, struggles to balance school with work and CCA. Din introduces the scheme to her.

Waves of Time

Waves of Time (Singapore Night Festival)

Waves of Time is an animated projection mapping created in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival 2019. It was displayed on the historic CHIJMES chapel for visitors to enjoy the show.

We were inspired by Singapore’s local legend of a Prince who landed on our sunny island from the seas. Come along as he chases his dream around the island and rediscover the cultural history of Singapore!

Watch the full video here on our YouTube!

Stoneboy iPAD App

This app is an interactive story and puzzle game, following Stoneboy and Stanley’s attempts to find food. It features many interactive elements and is meant to serve as another story in their lives, separate from the comics and the web videos.


In this interactive adventure, follow a group of friends as they go about their everyday lives. But danger lurks in every corner, and who knows what could happen if you don’t take the right precautions. Will the children get through their day safely? Or will they realise why it is better to be safe than sorry?

Stoneboy Scissors Paper Point

This app is a companion to the Stoneboy comics and web videos, offering a variety of simple games to play, starting with the simple Scissors Paper Point, a version of Scissors Paper Stone. As one plays the games, more games are unlocked as well.


Heartland Heroes

This Junior Civil Defense Emergency Handbook created for the SCDF teaches children the procedures for what to do in the event of an emergency, from housefires to chemical attacks. With expressive art and vibrant colours, children will learn just what they should do when disaster strikes.