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Overview of Animation Production

The animation scene in Singapore consists of the production of animated content in a variety of styles and animation approaches. From 3D animations created with digital tools; to stop-motion animations created with physical materials; the varying styles and approaches used are wide and diverse. Most of the animation studios in Singapore focus on 2D, 3D and motion graphic production, whilst a few others create content using stop-motion animation, whiteboard animation and other mixed media animations.

A common misconception from the public is that animations are low budget. In this misconception, the artists’ job of ‘drawing images’ is believed to be simpler than that of video filming. However, in reality, animated video production is much more labor-intensive than what the public believes. Unlike video filming, where the camera captures the subject in real time; animated content is created manually, frame-by-frame by the animation artist. Animation production services in Singapore are thus more costly and time-consuming to create.

When planning an animation project, most clients will focus on the project’s target message and intended animation style. Other than visual presentation, the tone of the video and the Interactive story-telling Singapore style are other important factors that contribute to the success of the project. Whether it is a formal corporate video, an informative video, a cartoon video, or a commercial advertisement, the tone that is selected will affect the audiences’ engagement with it.

A traditional corporate video is often presented in a more formal tone, whilst an instructional one is often done in either a motion graphic style, or an ‘animated PowerPoint’ form. However, with the current popularity of digital videos on social media platforms, audiences around the world are exposed to a wide variety of dynamic content every day. Hence, it is necessary for companies to re-look the approach in which they present their content; better increasing their ability to effectively capture their audience’s attention.

A successful animation video in Singapore is one that combines engaging content with relatable characters and an interesting narrative. At Chips and Toon, we focus on engaging the audience to deliver the client’s message in the most effective manner. To ensure our client’s intended message reaches their audience, we integrate beautiful visuals with an engaging script in an appropriate tone.